Shower Screens Coogee

Glass Shower Screens Coogee Beach

We manufacture, supply and install shower screens in Coogee, Western Australia, this includes frameless, semi-frameless and fully framed shower screens. Popular Shower Screens in Coogee Our most popular types of shower screens in Coogee are fully frameless, this may be due to the number of new home builds and refurbishments that have developed over the […]

Low Iron Glass vs Clear Glass

Splashback on Low Iron Glass

There are many names given to these glass types which confuses most people, this confusion is increased by companies who have invented their own ‘brand’ names for them. If we want to discuss the properties of low iron v clear glass we must first try to establish some clarity by defining each. Clear Glass What […]

Shower Screen Kingsley

Semi Frameless shower screen Kingsley

The image above is of a recent shower screen install in Kingsley. This is a semi-frameless shower screen with a difference. Shower Screen Layout The layout is nothing unusual, it’s a fairly typical corner installation consisting of a dog-leg fixed panel (left), hinged door (centre) and straight fixed panel (right). 6mm clear toughened glass throughout. […]

Frameless Shower Screen in Secret Harbour

Shower screen in Secret Harbour

As a leading installer of custom-made shower screens, Dial a Glass gets the opportunity to design and install some unique screens in bathrooms all around the Perth region. Shower Screen near Mandurah The above images are taken from a recent installation of a 10mm frameless shower screen in Secret Harbour near Mandurah. There are 5 […]

Benefits of Installing Glass

Matt Silver Framed Profile Semi Frameless Shower Screen with Returns either side

Glass adds a fresh and modern touch to your home, as it gives a sleek, refined finish. It’s rare nowadays to see a home without a glass panel somewhere in it! High-quality glass screens and surfaces instantly brighten your home. They create the illusion of space and add light to interiors. There are plenty of […]

Black Shower Screens & Mirrors

Black Frame for Shower Screen

Introducing ‘The New York Range’ of Shower Screens & Mirrors Not a company to be left behind by changing styles, trends and colour schemes, Dial A Glass has embraced this new design in luxury fitments. A Completely New Design Rather than just taking our existing range of framed glass shower screens and framed mirrors, then […]

Choosing The Perfect Shower Screen For Your Bathroom

Printed glass shower screens

Regardless of whether you are planning to install a shower screen in your new home or contemplating an interior upgrade in your old apartment bathroom for the holiday season, there are a plethora of different varieties of shower screens out there for you to choose from. Unlike your conventional shower curtains that can make your […]