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How to Apply Feng Shui of Mirrors in Your Home

About 3,000 years ago, the Chinese philosophers took it upon themselves to figure out how humans can optimise their homes to reach a better balance of positive energy. After years of meditation and research, they laid the foundations for science called “feng shui”.

Although this science tackles all of your home elements, it gives special attention to mirrors. When arranged correctly, mirrors will make your house look bigger, brighter, and more peaceful. Even better, mirrors can easily correct many problems in your interior design, which is why they’re often called the “aspirin of feng shui”. 

In this post, we’ll tell you some basic tips to effectively apply feng shui of mirrors in your home. 

Hang Mirror on the Sides of Your Entryway

If your front door opens to a small hallway, place a full-length mirror at either side. This will not only enlarge and brighten the area, but it’ll also give you a chance to check your look before heading out. Sufficing with tiny mirrors may hinder your self-esteem to a great extent. 

Feng shui experts strongly advise against placing a mirror across from your door. This potentially blocks the positive energy from permeating into your home. 

Stay Away From Your Hallway’s End

Do you have a long hallway? If so, try to avoid hanging a mirror at its end. Although this is a widespread practice, many feng shui experts confirm that it can amplify negative energy. 

Alternatively, hang small mirrors on the side walls without facing each other. This will considerably brighten your hallway and interrupt any flow of negative energy. 

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Carefully Use Them in the Kitchen

We don’t always recommend placing mirrors in the kitchen. Why? Well, according to feng shui, mirrors represent water and kitchens represent fire. If you place a mirror in the wrong spot, the two energies will clash, leaving you in an entirely negative atmosphere.

However, there’s a neat way of cleverly introducing a mirror into your kitchen. At Dial A Glass, we design our mirror splashbacks from a coated mirror-like toughened safety glass. This material handles the heat without any issues, and it doesn’t oppose the intense energy of your kitchen. 

Mirrors in Dining Rooms Attract Wealth

Feng shui recommends placing more than one mirror in the dining room since this will double the amount of served food, which implies wealth and abundance in your subconscious mind. 

If possible, place your mirrors in a way that reflects a pleasant scenery. If your window looks at lush trees, hang a mirror on the opposing wall to invite that positive nature into your home. 

Mirrors in Living Rooms Embrace Families

Most feng shui experts recommend hanging more than one rectangular mirror in your living room. This will make your family gatherings feel warmer and happier, inviting you to spend more time together. 

If you have young kids, make sure to hang a couple of smaller mirrors at a lower height: Apparently,encouraging your kids to see themselves can boost their confidence from an early age. 

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Mirrors in the Bathroom

Bathroom mirrors are indispensable, that’s for sure. However, you shouldn’t place a mirror across from your toilet as this is considered to affect your self-esteem. Hanging a mirror in front of the shower, on the other hand, is believed to boost a positive mood. 

Stay Away From Distorted Mirrors

Some people think that using distorted mirrors adds a touch of surrealism to their houses. Contrastingly, looking at a hazy, distorted reflection of yourself is believed to negatively affect your confidence. Not to mention that these mirrors unevenly distribute the light over your home. 

Wrapping Up: Things to Avoid Reflecting

By now, you should be familiar with how the ancient Chinese philosophers arranged their homes. We know that the feng shui of mirrors may seem like a bunch of irrational philosophical nonsense, but some people swear by it. 

In addition to the mentioned principles, it’s crucial to avoid reflecting unpleasant items around your home. Cluttered areas, sharp corners, fireplaces, and view of neighbours are among the most notable examples. 

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