Glass Splashback or Tiles?

Glass Splashback or Tiles

Days are gone when kitchen splashbacks were only used for protecting the walls. They’re now a statement piece; a reflection of your interior style and way of living. 

Among the myriad of different splashback styles available, glass and tile continue to be the most sought-after choices. Let’s see which one deserves a place on your wall.

Glass Splashbacks

Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashback

The customization of glass is endless. lt seamlessly sits into all backgrounds as, due to its transparent nature, it takes on whatever material is applied to it. Using glass in interior decor is rarely for decorative purposes; it leans more towards being utilitarian. As we will see here though, it works perfectly well for both practical and aesthetic purposes. 

Pros of Glass Splashbacks

Easy Maintenance

Unless you love endlessly scrubbing mould stains off tile grout, glass is your obvious choice. You’ll only need a glass cleaner and a cloth to wipe it, and you’re done. Also, as glass is non-porous, it won’t be prone to bacteria and grease build up from food splashes.

Cleaning is a relentless, thankless task as it is; why add to it by installing a tiled splashback.

Freedom of Choice

Glass is actually a flexible material to work with. You can have a coloured glass splashback which has been painted with any colour you like. This is pretty handy if you’ve fallen in love with a particular colour of kitchen units and you’re wondering how you’re going to match them or compliment them.

We even have mirror style splashbacks which are available in several hues.

Mirror-like splashbacks

Here at Dial A Glass we have a wide range of standard colours, metallics, on both clear glass and low iron glass. Plus a full colour matching service.

Short Time

Glass splashbacks can be installed in an instant. There’s no grout or arranging of patterns, just a very quick and easy installation procedure.

Cons of Glass Splashbacks

Despite being close to perfect, there are still some downsides to installing glass splashbacks.

You Can’t Install It on Your Own

A lot of people are able to fit their tiles perfectly well; the same doesn’t go for glass. You’ll inevitably need assistance to install it because of the special tools required, skills in handling glass, and generally the size of the splashback is too much for one person.

The Glass Should be Toughened

At Dial A Glass we toughen all of our splashbacks, this means that you can safely place your splashback behind your stove without any issue.

Tile Splashbacks

Tile splashback
Tile Splashback

Tile splashbacks were once considered a timeless piece of decor that never goes out of fashion – till now, at least!

People love tiles because they’re available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes that you can incorporate into your kitchen style.

They’re also the main item in most kitchen DIY projects, which Australians are big fans of!

Pros of Tile Splashbacks

Easy Installation

You may not need a handyman for installing tile splashbacks. They’re relatively easy to install on your own, unlike glass. You’ll only need the essential equipment, such as a cutter, a drill, and a grout float.

Easy Replacement

If one of the tiles gets damaged, generally you can just replace this one tile and you’re good to go.

Cons of Tile Splashbacks

Tiles have some downsides of their own. Let’s take a brief look.

Difficulty of Cleaning

Difficult cleaning is the most glaring downside of kitchen tiles. The process doesn’t only take longer, but it also includes dealing with mould, bacteria, and debris. Grouting looks nice, but we can’t say the same about dealing with it. If we don’t stay on top of this cleaning it can look pretty dreadful in no time.

Too Traditional

If you’re going for a modern or contemporary kitchen, tile splashbacks may not be the right choice. Be careful with your style choice, you don’t want something that’s out of fashion faster than Tuscan kitchens in the early 2000s.

Limited Design

There is no doubt that tiles have an aesthetic that some people just prefer to anything else. The look and design aspect though is finite.

Closing Thoughts

Many people are unaware that here at Dial A Glass we can actually print tiles onto glass in any style you like. This enables you to have the effect of tiles and grout without the annoying cleaning issues.