How To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

How to decorate your Home with Mirrors

Regardless of where you choose to install them, mirrors can be incredibly useful in reflecting light and creating an illusion of a larger, more opened out space. There are a plethora of different styles and designs of decorative mirrors available in the market ranging from sturdy framed mirrors to cool frameless mirrors that you can take your pick from. The best part about decorating your home with mirrors is that you can choose to place them anywhere from the mantelpiece to the foyer wall and even your bathroom and they would instantly brighten up the space and make the area look more expansive. So, if you too are contemplating a décor makeover for the holiday season, you might want to check out our cool tips and tricks for sprucing up your interiors with stylish mirrors!

Account for Reflection

One of the most important things to consider while decorating your home with mirrors is considering the reflection that you would be able to see in it. For instance, it is a great idea to install a mirror on a wall opposite to a massive oil painting or a statement furniture piece to emphasise a beautiful view and create special effects by incorporating the other feature elements of your home. When hung adjacent to a large window or door, the mirror can act as a reflector for natural sunlight and visibly brighten up and enlarge the area effectively.

Stylise your Fireplace

Another great place to install a decorative mirror is above the fireplace on your mantel. It goes without saying that your fireplace is essentially a major focal point of any room and it is worthwhile to draw more attention to it with the help of a stylish, framed mirror. Regardless of whether you choose to decorate your mantelpiece with some traditional candelabra or put up a special decoration for the holiday season, a mirror is a great way to highlight your feature adornments and add an artistic touch to them.

Brighten up your Hallway

Regardless of whether you have a dingy foyer that you would like to brighten up or a dark hallway connecting the rooms that need more character, you can always hang up stylish ‘puzzle’ style mirrors or a mirror collage on the side walls to add more depth to the hallway décor. Doing this will not only draw attention to an artistic décor element while walking down the hallway but also induce more light along the corridor.

Feel Free to Experiment

There is no rule of thumb when deciding on the shape and size of mirrors that you would like to decorate your home with. You can always go for large full-length mirrors to decorate a small space and create an illusion of a larger and brighter space. To add more layers to your interior décor, you can put up different shapes and styles of decorative mirrors in a cluster form and create multiple reflections.

If you are planning to create a statement mirror wall with a gallery of multiple framed mirrors, you must ensure that the room that you choose this type of décor for is not too cluttered or filled with busy patterns.