Frameless Shower Screen in Swanbourne

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We install shower screens in Swanbourne, Perth, and the surrounding suburbs. We are dedicated to providing professional, custom installations that not only look good but are of the highest quality.

Project: Swanbourne Shower Screen & Glass Toilet Enclosure with Privacy

The above image is a recent installation of a custom shower screen and toilet screen in Swanbourne, WA.

This was on behalf of a high-end Perth builder. The shower screen and toilet enclosure were designed to be totally frameless to provide the modern aesthetic finish required by the customer.

All glass was manufactured in-house at our processing factory following a precise measure by our measuring team using the very latest in laser measuring technology.

Swanbourne Shower Screen


Swanbourne Toilet Screen


  • 10mm toughened, satin etch glass
  • Fixed Panel (RHS)
  • Toilet screen door with hinges (x3)

Shower Screen/Toilet Partition


  • 10mm toughened, satin etch glass


Chrome finished fixtures throughout

  • Hinges x 6
  • Wall brackets x 9
  • Floor brackets x 3
  • Door handles x 2

Clear and Obscure Glass Combination

This particular customer in Swanbourne required a glass screen solution that offered elegant frameless clear glass for the shower area and privacy for the toilet enclosure. Satin Etch glass is the ideal product for a frosted glass toilet door as its chemically treated surface allows light through but limits visibility.

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