mirror Splashback

Perth's Leading Supplier and Installer of Mirror Splashbacks

At Dial A Glass we process all of our own glass in house, including the special coated glass used in our extremely popular mirror splashbacks.

This has many benefits for our customers:

  1. Affordability. Unlike our competitors we save on outsourcing, these savings are then passed onto you, our customers.
  2. Reliability. As we cut, process and toughen all of our own glass, we do not have to rely on suppliers and their workload. This allows us to plan, schedule and turnaround your mirror splashback with confidence and reliability.
  3. Quality. We do not have to rely on the quality and processes of a third party, as our in-house quality control is second to none. 
Mirror Splashback Supplier

Types of Mirror Splashbacks

We have 3 main colours in our mirror splashback range:

  • HD Grey
  • HD Blue
  • HD Bronze

Each of these colours look stunning in most settings and lend themselves to most environments and colour schemes.

All of our mirror splashbacks can be installed behind stovetops as each must undergo our in house toughening process.

Cut outs, GPO’s and irregular shapes can all be accomodated using our state-of-the-art glass cutting facilities.

If you have any questions regarding mirror splashbacks or would like a free quote and site measure, call us now.