Perth's Leading Supplier and Installer of Mirrored Splashbacks

At Dial A Glass we process all of our own glass in house, including the special coated glass used in our extremely popular mirror splashbacks.

This has many benefits for our customers:

  1. Affordability. Unlike our competitors we save on outsourcing, these savings are then passed onto you, our customers.
  2. Reliability. As we cut, process and toughen all of our own glass, we do not have to rely on suppliers and their workload. This allows us to plan, schedule and turnaround your mirror splashback with confidence and reliability.
  3. Quality. We do not have to rely on the quality and processes of a third party, as our in-house quality control is second to none.

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Reflective Splashbacks

Our reflective splashbacks are referred to as mirror splashbacks but are not actually mirrors as we understand them. True mirrors cannot be toughened which means they cannot be used behind stove tops.

Reflective splashbacks are actually a special coated glass that has mirror-like qualities which can be toughened.

All of our mirror splashbacks can be installed behind stovetops as each must undergo our in-house toughening process, which converts them into safety glass.

Cut outs, GPO’s and irregular shapes can all be accommodated using our state-of-the-art glass cutting facilities.

If you have any questions regarding mirror splashbacks or would like a free quote and site measure, call us now.


Mirror Splashback Installation

This installation into a stunning kitchen in a local home involved some very intricate work involving multiple sections of toughened mirror to enclose a large column, and a large grey mirror splashback set into the kitchen/pantry area. The finished install looked fabulous and it’s no surprise that this beautiful kitchen has been nominated for a design award.

Bronze Mirror Splashback
Bronze Mirror Splashback
Grey Mirror Splashback
Grey Mirror Splashback

Mirror Splashback Colours

We have 3 main colours in our mirror splashback range:

  • Elegant Bronze
  • Elegant Grey


Each of these colours look stunning in most settings and lend themselves to most environments and colour schemes.

Bronze Mirror Splashback

Bronze mirror splashbacks are a great way to add some warmth to your kitchen. The bronze tone looks beautiful in the right setting and can be used to reflect the warm colours around it or create contrast in a neutral space.

Grey Mirror Splashback

Our grey mirror splashbacks have a neutral tone that will sit comfortably in warm or cool kitchen colours, giving you versatility if required.

Smoked Mirror Splashback

Our Elegant Grey coloured mirror splashback is one of our most popular splashbacks and is often referred to as a smokey mirror splashback due its beautiful depth and reflective qualities.

Smoked Mirror Splashbacks
Smoked Mirror Splashbacks
Mirror Splashback White Kitchen
Mirror Splashback White Kitchen

Mirror Splashback White Kitchen

If you have quite a neutral or muted kitchen colour scheme and don’t want a splash of colour, a reflective splashback could be the perfect solution, as this image of a mirror splashback in a white kitchen clearly demonstrates.

Mirror splashbacks can add a touch of class and turn a good, modern kitchen into a very high-end looking kitchen.

Frequently asked questions

You should not use mirrors as splashbacks as mirrors cannot be toughened. However you can use mirror-like reflective glass splashbacks, such as our Elegant Range.

Mirror splashbacks are a great idea when you use special coated glass which is reflective and can be toughened. This is perfectly safe to use behind stove tops.

Mirror splashbacks are easy to clean and much easier to maintain than tiles. Simply apply a little glass cleaner to a microfibre cloth and gently wipe away.