Sliding Wardrobe Doors Perth

We design, manufacture and install a range of high quality, sliding wardrobe doors in Perth, Western Australia. Our reputation for quality and affordability has accumulated over 30 years of success and customer satisfaction.

Our vast experience and highly skilled workforce has led us to become a leading supplier of sliding wardrobe doors to some of Perth’s premium builders and developers. Take advantage of this experience and choose Dial A Glass to be your wardrobe door supplier.

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Mirror Wardrobe Doors Perth

All of our sliding mirror wardrobe doors are custom-made and manufactured right here at our factory in Wangara. Our experienced installers travel throughout the WA region and install your mirror robe doors  at your home with a miniumum of fuss and disruption to you.

We have a number of framing options such as our fully framed Softline Sliding Wardrobe Door System, or our Mirror Line system with clean lines and frameless look.

Using mirrors as your wardrobe doors not only looks great but has obvious practical advantages too. Being able to see oneself from head to toe whilst preparing for an evening out is always a nice bonus.

Mirrored wardrobe doors can bring a large amount of light into what could be an otherwise dark bedroom. This is natural light too which can help to lift mood.

Vinyl Gyprock Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Vinyl Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Extremely affordable and practical are our vinyl wardrobe doors. Available in a variety of colours and framing options, they’re a very popular choice amongst home owners and renovators alike.

Our vinyl sliding wardrobe doors have a gyprock base which makes them kind to most budgets and are ideal as wardrobe doors for kids bedrooms as they’re easily wiped clean.

Many customers utilise these doors for closets and store rooms too.

Custom-made Wardrobe Doors

Did you know that your wardrobe doors don’t all have to be the same in the system? Some of our customers are not aware that you can mix and match your surfaces to get a unique sliding door set that’s completely bespoke.

The image here demonstrates this principal with one door mirrored and the other door has a decorative board finish. Each door is sectioned in a black frame which ties the whole wardrobe door system together nicely.

If you have accents of colour or finishes in your room, you can consider bringing elements of this into the design of your wardrobe door system which will tie the interior design together.

You can discuss these options and more with our experienced support team on 9408 3000

Sliding Doors with Decorative Board Finish

You can choose from a broad range of decorative board styles to give your sliding door system a timber finish.

Highlighted here is just a selection of the most popular finishes with much more available. Contact us now to learn more.

Coloured Glass Sliding Doors

Pictured here are our White Back Sliding Doors. This style of door utilises clear glass which gives a lovely aqua colour to the door, but also makes them a very affordable option.

Talk to our support team, they will be happy to talk you through the difference between White Back and Bright Back doors. Our Bright Back doors have the same white vinyl backing but the glass itself is low iron glass which does not have the aqua tint, this make the door itself a brighter white.

Sliding Doors for Closets, Laundries & more

Not all sliding doors have to be for the bedroom. Many of our customers in Perth use our sliding doors for store room or closet doors, laundry room doors or sliding doors in garage store rooms as pictured here.

This is a sliding glass door system with black vinyl backing and black framing. We think you’ll agree that this looks fabulous and looks high end for an extremely competitive price point.

As previously highlighted, all of our sliding doors are custom-made and available in a wide variety of styles and finished, manufactured and installed to your exact requirements.

Whether you need a basic 2 sliding door system or multi-door arrangement we will have a solution for your needs.