Mirrors for Dance & Fitness Studios

Our large mirror system uses a J Frame to the top and bottom of an A-Grade mirror to provide a removable mirror of the highest quality, perfect for dance and fitness centres.

Dance Mirrors

Large Removable Mirrors for Pilates Studio

Portable Mirrors for Fitness Studio

  • A-Grade mirrors which offer minimum distortion levels
  • Removable and transferrable
  • Fast installation

Why use Dial A Glass Mirrors System for your Dance / Fitness Studio?

These images show our high-quality safety mirror which complies with all Australian safety requirements & standards. This dance mirror hanging system offers the following benefts:

  • Hidden fixtures
  • This hanging method provides the highest standards of reflection
  • Can be removed, cut/resized and reinstalled in another location
  • Slight rear airflow can assists with mirror longevity

The above details are just some of the benefits of our dance mirror hanging system. If you have a dance studio or fitness centre that would benefit from this system please get in touch.