Frosted Glass Showers

We are one of Perth’s leading installers of custom-made frosted shower screens, which are very popular amongst home owners in Western Australia. We have been one of the state’s premium shower screen installers for over 30 years and have an outstanding reputation for excellence in product and service.

All of the glass used in our showers is A-Grade safety glass, which is toughened in-house at our factory in Wangara to meet strict Australian Standards.

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Frosted Shower Styles

Frosted showers can be supplied and installed in many different styles and layouts, including corner shower screens, single shower panels, or shower screen enclosures. These styles can be supplied as fully framed, semi-frameless or frameless showers.

Shower glass with partial frosting offers a privacy section and is achieved using special film.

With Frame:
HARDWARE OPTIONS: Bright Silver | Matt Silver | Black | Gold | Powder Coated

Without Frame:
HARDWARE OPTIONS: Bright Silver | Matt Silver | Black | Gold | Powder Coated

Frosted Shower Glass

Frosted glass showers are manufactured using satin etch glass. This type of glass is treated with chemicals that ‘etch’ into the surface of the glass and creates a diffused, matt finish.

Benefits of Frosted Shower Glass

Satin Etch Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a type of obscure glass that offers the following benefits.

  • It provides a high degree of privacy for the person showering as the diffused, matt surface lowers visibility.
  • Despite its diffused surface satin etch glass still allows light to pass through the glass efficiently.
  • The treated surface is on the outside of the glass but still retains a smooth surface on the inside, this still allows for easy cleaning of the interior of the shower.

Satin Etch ‘Frosted glass’ has many use cases and we often use it in frosted glass toilet doors, as the level of privacy that it offers is highly desirable.