Glass Splashbacks Perth

We design, manufacture and install custom-made, glass splashbacks in Perth, WA.

We have built a reputation for consistently delivering quality products with excellent workmanship. We offer a wide variety of splashbacks made right here in Wangara, WA. These include mirror splashbacks, coloured splashbacks in many shades, and metallic-painted splashbacks.

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Perth Splashback Installations

This is a gallery of some of our splashback installations around WA. We believe we have the best selection of splashbacks Perth has to offer.

Glass Splashback Colours

*Colours shown here are indicative only*

Classic Colour Range

Metallic Glass Splashback Colours

Tempest Colour Range

Our painted glass splashbacks are extremely popular. With a wide colour selection, finding something that fits your kitchen design should be easy. We have a vast array of colours and believe we have the finest selection of coloured glass, from standard colours to very modern shades.

Your colour choice determines the type of glass used for your splashback. Some of our coloured glass splashbacks are made with clear glass, some with low iron glass, some with matt glass, and even some with patterned glass.

Our coloured glass splashbacks are painted by a coloured glass specialist in a dedicated area of our factory.

Purity Range

In the past few years, there have been a number of trends influenced by designers with kitchens and bathrooms becoming more stylish. Perth splashbacks have grown in variety and choice with matt glass now being installed in many new homes. This is a service and product that we now offer with the introduction of our Purity Range.

Elegant Range

Our mirrored splashbacks look extremely modern and give a very high-end impression when installed. The specially coated glass is of course not an actual mirror but offers a mirror-like appearance.

Mirrored splashbacks are the same 6mm thickness and are toughened to offer the same safety standards as our painted splashbacks.

Kitchen Splashbacks Perth

Most people agree that investing in home elements that are both practical and attractive is money well spent. Installing a glass splashback definitely falls into this category when the design, colour, and finishing are well crafted.

All of our splashbacks are made from the highest quality toughened safety glass, perfect for withstanding all of the rigours of your kitchen, and stove tops.

Every wall of every property is unique, so every one of our kitchen splashbacks are custom-made to fit your space perfectly.

Transparent Splashbacks

If you have a wall with attractive, naked brickwork you may not want to cover it, but you still need a splashback. The solution to this is our fully transparent, clear splashback. This is simply toughened safety glass that has not been backed with colour. The effect can be striking.

Transparent Non Painted Glass Splashback
Splashback for Alfresco BBQ Area

Glass Splashbacks for Outdoor Areas

If you’re looking to brighten up your alfresco or BBQ area, why not do it with a splashback? Our painted glass splashbacks can transform your outdoor dining experience with colour and design.

It wasn’t too long ago in Perth splashbacks were just in kitchens, now they are used in numerous areas of the home, such as the scullery, bathroom, and outdoor BBQ.

Patterned Glass Splashbacks

If you’re looking for something a little different, you could consider incorporating a bit of texture into your kitchen by installing a patterned glass splashback. You can choose from our entire colour range and it will still meet the same safety standards as all our other splashbacks.

Patterned Glass Splashback

Glass Splashback for the Bathroom & Shower

The majority of our splashback installations are for kitchens but we also manufacture splashbacks for bathrooms, these are mainly as panels in shower areas. This is an elegant alternative to tiles and reduces unsightly mould that always accumulates on tile grout.

We are seeing a rise in the popularity of shower splashbacks, call our helpful team to find out more.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The smooth even surface of the glass makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain your splashback. Your days of scrubbing the discoloured grout of kitchen tiles are over.

Splashbacks can be easily cleaned using warm water with a mild detergent or methylated spirit on a microfibre cloth.

Experienced Professional Team

We’ve been installing glass splashbacks in Perth, WA for over 30 years. After doing something for this long it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing.

Our many years of experience and success give our customers confidence in knowing that they are purchasing the services of a reputable and professional glass company.

Competitively Priced Glass Splashbacks

All of our splashbacks are processed in-house with no outsourcing or reliance on suppliers or contractors. This gives us a distinct advantage over the competition by enabling us to offer customers a very competitive price without compromising on quality or service.

Excellent Turnaround Times

If you’re looking for splashbacks Perth can be a challenging place due to supply issues. As we are part of the DLC Group of companies we hold large stocks of glass, which means we can offer some of the best turnaround times in WA.

Heat Resistant Toughened Safety Glass

We toughen all of our own splashbacks at our factory in Wangara. Yet another reason to put your trust in a company that can internally control the quality at every stage of the process.

As you are probably aware, a kitchen splashback that is going to be placed behind a stovetop

Why Dial A Glass Make the Finest Perth Splashbacks

Dial A Glass is a preferred supplier to some of Perth’s premium builders and interior design companies for coloured glass, metallic and mirror splashbacks.

It’s true that in recent times when looking for glass splashbacks Perth prices have risen. Due to the size of our group and ability to buy raw materials at wholesale prices, we’ve managed to remain extremely competitive.

We provide:

  • Competitive prices
  • Fast turnaround
  • 30 years of experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • WA owned company
  • Free quote
  • Free measure
  • Vast colour range
  • Custom colour option

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies with many things such as size, choice of colour, glass type, and number of notches and cut-outs. Call us with sizes for a free estimate.

With new products being continually developed, splashbacks are a contemporary item to have in your home with the added bonus of easy maintenance.