Arched Shower Screen

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This frameless glass shower screen installation in Illuka, utilised our CNC machine to create a beautiful arch at the top of the panel.

We have been servicing the Illuka area and surrounding suburbs for many years but this was the first time that we’ve had a request for an arched panel like this.

Arch-Shaped Screens

All of our shower screens are custom made to measure and a number of them have to be cut on the CNC machine to create dog-leg shapes to accommodate shower cubicle walls, vanity’s, cupboards etc, but this was the first customer to request an arch shape to the top of the glass as a design feature.

Since then we have had many requests for similar arch-shaped screens.

arch shaped shower screen

We have to say that the finished panel looked fabulous when installed as the arched shape mirrored and echoed similar shapes in the bathroom.

The black brackets tied in with the shower, tapware, and vanity accessories

Shower & Mirror Combination

A frameless, clip-in mirror was also installed as part of the package to complete the frameless look of the bathroom.


  • Full width arch to frameless panel
  • 10mm Clear, Toughened Glass
  • Black brackets to floor and wall
  • Clip-in frameless mirror

The customer’s aim was to make the screen a feature and become part of the overall aesthetic design of the space. This was certainly achieved and the customer was thrilled with the finished installation.

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