Brushed Brass Shower Frame

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As one of Perth’s leading shower screen installers, we are at the forefront of market trends, and designs being requested by leading builders and interior designers in WA. One of these trends is a very stylish finish to shower frames.

Shower with Brushed Brass Frame
Brushed Brass Shower Frame

Now you can get a modern look with classic flair in your bathroom by installing the new, trending brushed brass shower frame. The appeal of this material lies partly due to its unique, vibrant finish and also because it can be paired well with other bathroom items such as shower heads and tap sets.

You can also choose from a selection of Grade A, toughened safety glass to go with your brass frame, including:

  • Clear glass
  • Low iron glass
  • Narrow Reeded
  • Satin Etch

All of our showers are custom-made which you can clearly see from the first image below where we’ve designed the door so that it opens perfectly to accommodate the vanity base unit.

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