Wall to Wall Shower Screens

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Wall to Wall Shower Screen

As one of WA’s most trusted installers of glass shower screens in Perth, Dial A Glass tends to be the company of choice when customers are looking for custom screens such as this wall to wall shower screen for a bespoke ensuite.

This large frameless shower spans the width of the room from wall to wall in an in-line arrangement.


Wall to Wall Shower Screen with Brace

Wall to Wall Frameless Shower Screen for Ensuite

As you can see from the image above, this particular arrangement requires a brace to be used for extra stability and support. The brace is attached to the top of one of the fixed panels and is fixed to the wall.

Wall to Wall Shower Screen for Ensuite

Types of Wall-to-Wall Shower Screens

Shower screens that are designed to span a gap from wall to wall are often referred to as inline shower screens and can be frameless, semi-frameless or framed. They can also incorporate a range of glass types.

Below is a cross-section of images that represent some of the design possibilities for a shower screen that spans a gap between two walls in your bathroom.


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